Infertility Signs That Should Not be Ignored

June 17, 2019

Infertility Signs That Should Not be Ignored

Fertility, as a concept, has been hogging the limelight for quite some time now, especially in regards to individuals that are trying to start with family planning. That said, while there are doctors to treat conditions pertaining to infertility and other similar issues, people shouldn’t ignore the natural signs which the body sends out to convey conditions related to the same. In simpler words, it is possible for a person to gauge the existing fertility levels just by looking at certain physical conditions, regardless of gender. In the subsequent sections, we shall look at a few prominent signs of infertility and segregate them on the basis of gender. However, before moving any further into this discussion it is important to understand that even for couples that are at a healthier age i.e. somewhere in the ballpark of 29 to 33, the chances of proper conception are still quite low (at a mere 25%), as the best case scenario. Therefore, it would be wrong to ignore any sign of infertility and address the existing problem with immediate attention. Signs of infertility: Women

  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Females with irregular period cycles face issues pertaining to ovulation, which eventually interferes with the process of getting pregnant. However, the best indicator would be to keep looking for blood flow during the menstrual cycle. Heavy flow and even overall absence of the same are some of the most prominent signs of infertility in women. Besides gauging the flow for infertility issues, one can also be on the lookout for painful periods and blood in stool and urine.

  • Severe Facial Outbursts of Acne

In the case of females, sudden facial changes i.e. outbreaks and acne are infertility indicators. The most obvious explanation for the same is hormonal changes which might eventually pave way for PCOS and other pregnancy-related problems.

  • Sudden Change in Hair Growth and Weight Gain

Weight gain and hair growth/loss are two of the most underrated yet prominent infertility indicators. In case of significant and sudden hair growth in women, the body starts producing excessive male hormones, a condition that usually emanates out of PCOS. Facial hair growth and even deposition on arms are some of the most obvious instances. On the other hand, some females also experience hair loss which usually crops up courtesy autoimmune issues, anemia, and even thyroid problems. Needless to say, PCOS– often the most obvious reason for infertility, also leads to significant weight gain. Signs of Infertility: Men

  • Testicular Pain

Men experiencing unannounced swelling and pain in testicles might need to get themselves checked for supposed infertility. Testicular torsion or possible hernia can be a reason for the same.

  • Questionable Sex Drive

Male hormones are supposed to keep the sex drive on the higher side and any possible shift might be a cause for concern. While the testicular cavity and ability to produce sperm might be affected from the same, the primary reason for reduced sex drive happens to be issues related to the pituitary gland and even hypothalamus.

  • Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is an issue that’s encountered by almost 25% of all males facing fertility related problems. While there can be many reasons leading to the same, including mental framework, stress levels, or even a possible injury, this indication is often way too pronounced to be ignored. Inference Each one of the mentioned infertility indicators needs to be addressed with immediate attention and proper medical care has to be administered for increasing the chances of conception.

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