Is Your Husband Infertile? Tips to deal

May 11, 2018

Infertility is the inability to conceive or even inability to contribute for having a baby. In earlier days it was an assumption, that infertility is a problem associated only with women. But now that myth does not hold true. Infertility can be equally caused by either of the female or the male partner.  

As per the researches, male factor infertility is responsible for about 35% of all infertility cases. In general, men assume their reproductive system to work properly, but sperm production is a very sensitive matter.

A medical crisis like this can even put a good marriage to test. The key is talking, understanding and honouring the other partner’s feelings.

Here are a few tips which might help to cope with this rough time.

• Understand that his anger is not focussed on you but on the situations.

• Be patient with him. You need to give time to your husband for adapting to the situations and adjusting to the disturbing fact that he is infertile.

• Give him the required confidence.

• Not every man lets male infertility get him down or lower his confidence level. Yet Be sure to talk it out and make sure that your husband is not connecting his manhood with his ability to produce fertile sperm

• Men are used and also labeled for being the providers. Do not let the infertility issue make you look at him from a different perspective.

• Do not force him for expression of his feelings.

• Sexual intimacy becomes all the more important in this duration of time and you should keep the same in mind.

• Do not hesitate in talking about the available options with your husband. But always do so carefully so as not to disturb or hurt his male ego.

• This could be one of the toughest times of your marriage. Do try to understand that this is a very sensitive time for him as well, whether he admits so or not.

• Most importantly, stay most optimistic during this time! Infertility teaches you a lot of life lessons. If your marriage can survive infertility, it will be even stronger in the years to come.


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