Normalizing the Infertility Conversation

July 26, 2019

Normalizing the Infertility Conversation

Infertility is a growing issue globally and much of a conversation stopper for people who are experiencing the problem. When experiencing infertility, it becomes very difficult to communicate with family and friends and every suggestion passed on by them often comes across as harsh and insensitive.

While patients with infertility issues expect their circle of near and dear ones to be supportive, loving and caring during the difficult and depressing time, they are often bombarded with stressful and hurtful questions like-

“Why don’t you go for treatment?”

“You’re not getting younger, I think you should start trying for a baby?”

“What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to feel the joy of parenthood?”

The topic of infertility is still very much a taboo in many countries followed with a sense of shame and stigma. However, people dealing with the problem must understand that they are not alone in the fight and the conversations need to keep going on, with the aim to educate others as well as keep yourself at ease.

There is no need to isolate yourself anymore whenever the topic comes up. Instead, you can keep the conversations normal with your near and dear ones in subtle ways that neither too harsh for them or you.

How to Normalize the conversations about infertility

Here are some ways you can normalize the conversations about infertility with the people in your social and personal circle.

  1. When it comes to discussing infertility issues with your partner, an open channel of communication is necessary. However, it is also important to set a boundary as to how much each one of you is comfortable about sharing details with each other. During this time, both partners must also be supportive and sensitive to each other’s feelings.
  2. With friends, explaining fertility can be a difficult task especially if they are not able to relate to your issue. Sometimes, they may not know how to react or even say the right words which can leave you stressed and unhappy. So, it is best to keep the conversation brief and explain to them that infertility is a common issue faced by many people globally. You can also gently put it across to them that you would like them to not keep on asking about your pregnancy and that you will share it with them when you feel the time is right.
  3. Family members can be more prodding when it comes to having a baby. In this case, you could either get everyone together at one place or explain to each one individually, in a private space, about your issue and ask them to respect your privacy while also giving you the support that you need at this time. Also, you can tell them that you will share results about a treatment or procedure when you feel comfortable with it and not to ask about pregnancy tests or treatment results consistently.

According to RESOLVE, infertility affects 1 out of 8 couples and almost every one of us knows someone who has gone through the experience. Hence, if you are a couple who is going through the same journey, know that you are not alone and that there is hope with the number of medical procedures available today to facilitate the process.

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