Things You Need To Know About PCOS

June 19, 2017

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, commonly known as PCOS, is a common health problem among women and has been gaining awareness in recent times. Read on to know more details about this disease such as symptoms of PCOS, prevention of PCOS, PCOS weight loss and best diet for PCOS in order to better understand some of the 10 things a woman with PCOS would like you to know:

What is PCOS?

PCOS is a common hormonal disorder in women. It occurs due to the excess production of male hormones called androgens in a woman’s body. While all women produce a certain amount of androgen, women with PCOS produce excess amounts, resulting in enlarged ovaries and ovarian cysts.

Symptoms of PCOS

The symptoms of PCOS are usually what help doctors diagnose the disease in the first place. Symptoms of PCOS include excess facial and body hair, weight gain, acne and irregular periods. While these symptoms of PCOS are not fatal, they should not be ignored as suffering from PCOS increases of risk of diabetes and heart disease. Also, you should not just focus on PCOS weight loss, how to reduce PCOS belly or how to prevent PCOS hair loss, but must consult your doctor on treating and managing the disease itself.

PCOS & Infertility

PCOS can severely impact a woman’s fertility. Irregular menstruation and ovarian cysts caused due to PCOS can hamper your ovulation process. This can significantly reduce your chances of getting pregnant as your body isn’t producing any mature eggs.

If you see any symptoms of PCOS, you should consult your doctor immediately for natural remedies for PCOS, natural PCOS treatment and how to prevent PCOS naturally. The good news is that while PCOS and Infertility Treatment used to be taboo topics earlier, today they are not. A fertility specialist such as Apollo Fertility will be able to provide you with treatment for PCOS, as well as guidance on how to manage symptoms of PCOS. Not only does Apollo Fertility have an experienced and highly skilled team of Endocrinologists and Gynecologists on board to treat PCOS, but it also has Counselors and Dieticians who can help you cope better with the symptoms of PCOS. Apollo Fertility also has specialists in a fertility centre in Chennai who can help you improve your chances of conceiving if you are suffering from PCOS already. So, if you’re looking for treatment or guidance regarding PCOS, consult a specialist at Apollo Fertility right away.


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