Thyroid and infertility

July 23, 2018

If you have been trying to have unsuccessful pregnancies for quite some time, then before going for other checkups, ensure that your thyroid gland is functioning properly. One may not know that the  thyroid plays an important role in both males and females fertilities. Not only important in planning a pregnancy but also during pregnancy, thyroid dysfunction can cause complications.

Even a minor fluctuation in the thyroid function can influence one’s fertility. The gland which is essentially responsible for metabolism through hormones effects the reproductive health when there is a hormonal imbalance.

An overactive thyroid produces too many hormones while an underactive thyroid produces fewer hormones causing an imbalance. This directly reduces the chances of conceiving and can even pose challenges for carrying a full term pregnancy.

Let us see how.


It is common fact that women are more susceptible to thyroid disorders affecting the menstrual cycle. This affectation, in turn, affects the fertility by interrupting the cycle resulting in an irregular cycle or its complete absence. Some main problems caused by the thyroid are:


Anovulatory cycles

An imbalance in hormones can result in no ovulation, that is, the egg is not releasing. Without the egg, pregnancy is impossible. Interestingly, you may be menstruating regularly but that does not mean you are ovulating.


Lower body temperature

In a pregnancy, the rapidly dividing cells need a specific temperature. Any imbalance in hormones lowers or affects the body temperature making it difficult for the embryo to sustain and carry the pregnancy.


Luteal phase problem

Any imbalance in hormones affect the menstrual cycle, in such a case the latter half of the menstrual cycle is reduced. Thus, the egg does not implant securely and can end up leaving your body in the cycle. This increase the chances of miscarriage.





It is just as important for a male to keep their thyroid gland in check as a female.

Any fluctuation in hormones in males can mess with the quality of the sperm. It can also affect sperm production. Any fluctuation can cause testicular dysfunctions reducing chances of conceiving.



It is not just during the pre-conception period that you need to keep your thyroid in check.  Any thyroid dysfunction can endanger your pregnancy and can result in many complications.


Hence it is suggested to get your thyroid treated before planning a pregnancy.

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