Alcohol and IVF

April 2, 2018

In Vitro fertilisation has become a reliable treatment for couples who haven’t been able to conceive due to infertility issues.  People who opt for infertility treatment like such, are keen on knowing how their usual habits would affect or hinder with IVF treatment. Couples who are in a regular habit of alcohol consumption are told to drop this habit for a while when going for IVF treatment but will it make any significant impact? Let’s find out.

Many harmful after effects are associated with alcohol consumption and chances of failing to conceive through IVF treatment, sadly but most definitely, is one of them. According to various researches conducted over the years, it has been found that alcohol reduces the chances of conceiving by 25 per cent ( 2500 couples and 5000 cycles were observed). The effect is not only seen in women but in men as well. According to tests conducted, men who drank 4 glasses of wine maximum in a week, saw a significant decline in their sperm count.

Conceiving successfully is most definitely a problem for infertile couples but alcohol consumption can affect the health of your growing baby and may lead to miscarriage as well, even if you manage to conceive somehow.

Alcohol passes through the placental tissue very easily to growing embryo. Since the initial development takes place inside mother’s womb, liver of the growing fetus can’t fully digest the alcohol.

It also restricts the growth of fetus, can cause visual impairment, physical disability and many other problems are seen.

If you have fixed a date for your IVF treatment, don’t be under the impression that it won’t have any effect on chances of conception, if you stop drinking a few days before the date. Even if you consume a beverage that has the least amount of alcohol (wine or beer), it still may show some effect.

IVF treatment comes with its own emotional and physical challenges that may put you and your partner in stress. Alcohol simply cannot be your escape in this case. Talk to your doctor if you have been under a lot of pressure because of this procedure and seek guidance. Including an exercise regime in your schedule will help you feel better and put you in a better mood.  

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