Are IVF Babies as healthy as others?

April 9, 2018

Being a rarefied subject, IVF still raises a doubt in minds of many. Many still have some preconceived notions and hence are skeptical about IVF. There are arguments where people believe that IVF babies are artificial as they are consummated outside a woman’s body and under a doctor’s technical expertise. What they fail to understand is that IVF is as natural as a normal pregnancy. IVF is a type of ART which stands for Assisted Reproductive Technology. Thus IVF is assisted and not artificial.

These notions have been prevailing due to a section of people very conservative and ignorant in their minds. Though it is true that in IVF the male sperms fertilize the female eggs in a controlled environment in a lab under a doctor’s supervision (the fusion of sperm and egg takes place in a test tube instead of fallopian tube)  and once the embryo is ready, it is inserted in a woman’s uterus through cervix by the doctor. Hereafter, the process of getting pregnant of a woman is just like the natural process.

There have been some rare occurrences and reports of some risk factors in case of babies born through IVF. There is a possibility of poor maternal nutrition during conception, which can affect a person’s health later in life. Other concerns about health problems and potential birth defects in babies conceived through IVF prevail, but have not been proved. These conceptions basically exist as fertility treatment itself is related with common risk factors other than IVF, like older age, or conceiving twins or triplets.

In case of Physical and mental attributes concerned, IVF children are as normal as children born of natural pregnancy. They are also born absolutely naturally. In fact, it is impossible to differentiate between a normal baby and an IVF baby. The only thing one needs to do is research properly before diving into the process. Consulting an experienced and insightful doctor will remove the possibility of these apprehensions related to IVF in your mind.

At Apollo fertility, our team of expert physicians in fertility treatments make sure our patients understand and accept all the procedural insights before they zero down on one particular treatment. We consider it our duty to make the patient aware of all the complications and risk factors associated with a particular treatment to deliver comprehensive healthcare.

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