Delayed Frozen Embryo Transfer Benefits

April 12, 2018

An embryo is an egg, which has been fertilized with a sperm. When the embryos are created with the help of IVF, they can either be transferred back inside the woman’s womb during the current ovulation cycle, from where here eggs were extracted (known as fresh cycle embryo transfer) or they can be frozen, delaying the implantation until later (known as delayed frozen embryo transfer).

What happens during the fresh cycle embryo transfer is that the woman’s uterus will be still under the influence of all the fertility medicines she has been given. This results in sensitive ovaries, higher levels of oestrogen, etc. And, it can reduce the success rates of the implantation.

Until the recent times, freezing the embryos was not an option because the freezing option generated less viable results. But today, things are different. With various enhancements in the freezing option, i.e. vitrification and cryopreservation, frozen embryos can be used easily, and they generate high rates of success.

Benefits of Delayed Frozen Embryo Transfer

Delayed frozen embryo transfer is also known as freeze all technique. And, it comes with various benefits. They are;

• Using freeze all, allows the uterus to return to normal condition without any external influence. Therefore, the implantation will take place under natural circumstances.

• It reduces the pregnancy risks, such as preterm labor, preeclampsia, and low birth weight.

• It allows room for genetic screening, which helps in increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy and a healthy delivery.

• It preserves all the healthy embryos, making it easier to choose the best one while transferring it back to the uterus. It also reduces the risks of multiple gestations and other health risks.

• It reduces and almost removes the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) during the transfer cycle.

• It is comparatively less expensive.

Is it the right choice for you?

We can understand, since you have already waited for so long to experience parenthood, waiting, even more, can seem unviable. However, you must discuss the pros and cons with your specialist and do whatever is best for you. After all, the end result must be holding your little one in your arms.

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