Donor Egg IVF

April 13, 2018

What are donor eggs? How can you get pregnant using donor eggs? Is it safe? Is it the correct choice for you? Relax. We know you are probably confused because of several options. But here, we will try to provide an understanding regarding the donor eggs. So, what is egg donation? When you are unable to use your own eggs, you can borrow it from an egg donor as a part of the assisted reproductive technology (ART). Once you have finalized that you are going for donor eggs, it is important to choose if you want fresh donor eggs or frozen ones. And, this decision can be taken after talking to your specialist in detail. You will have to take note of all the pros and cons and decide accordingly.

Fresh eggs are fertilized as soon as they are collected from the egg donor. However, they must be synchronized according to your treatment cycle. Hence, this may delay the treatment slightly. With frozen eggs, they are already ready in the bank, therefore, one can start the treatment immediately. And, because of technology the frozen eggs are as viable as the fresh ones.

Once you choose the type of eggs, the most significant part of the treatment starts, i.e. preparing your body to accept the embryo. This is done with the help of medications and more.

The donor eggs are fertilized using ICIS or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Here, each egg is injected either with your partner’s sperm or with the donor sperm. Then, the eggs are watched closely for any signs of fertilization. Once the eggs are fertilized and ready for transfer, your specialist will identify the time when the endometrial lining will become ready for implantation. This is done using scans and x-rays.

After the implantation is done, the next step is to wait for the good news. Just like during the normal IVF, you will take a pregnancy test after two weeks. If the test comes back positive, in a couple of weeks you will undergo a scan to check if everything is okay and then you will be closely monitored to keep you safe.

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