Embryo donation- a short guide

April 19, 2018

Due to the help provided by technological advances over the years, couples suffering from infertility problems now have reasons to raise their hopes. Many solutions have come up for them and embryo donation is one of those gifts. It is defined as the process where embryos which are left after one couple’s IVF treatment are given to either another individual or couple for implantation.  IVF or In Vitro Fertilization involves fertilizing an egg outside of the womb, then re-implanting the embryo.

In most of the cases, as soon as the woman for whom these embryos were created, has conceived successfully, the embryos are donated. Also, the child thus delivered, is considered the child of the mother who delivered the child and not the one who donated.

Embryo donation can be anonymous where the donor and the receiver do not know each other or it can also be completely open where both the parties know each other prior to implantation. Usually, it is a semi-open arrangement, where both the families know each other’s background but real names or addresses are not disclosed.

There are multiple donor options available. The couple can opt for preserving the embryos for future use or they may opt for donation to some other couple. The unused embryos can also be donated for research. In case couple opts for the donation of embryos for research, the entire details about the research work is provided to the couples in advance.

Embryo donation may solve many couple’s problems who have not been able to have a family due to fertility problems in either or both of the partners. Although this solution seems to be a good solution to infertility problems, often couples hesitate before going for such an option. The hesitation they have is that although they might be able to have a child yet it would not be their child genetically, it would not be carrying their genes. Well if a couple can think this through, it should not be a problem. The child may not be carrying your gene, but it is very much yours.

Hence keeping this in mind, a couple can definitely consider opting for embryo donation as this could be one of the best possible solutions for infertility and bless them with all the happiness they deserve.  

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