Gamete intrafallopian transfer

April 24, 2018

GIFT or Gamete intrafallopian transfer is an assistive reproductive procedure in which the woman’s eggs are extracted, binding them to the sperm followed by placing them inside the fallopian tube. This technique is almost similar to IVF and ZIFT, however, the major difference between them is that in the GIFT, the fertilization happens inside the fallopian tube and not in a lab. But, the woman undergoing this treatment must have healthy tubes for the procedure to work. At Apollo Fertility, we make sure that the patient undergoes the right treatment with successful results.


• Before we begin, we make sure that the patients first have an x-ray. The doctors will then make sure that there is no scar tissue present on the outer layer of the tube, using a laparoscope.

• Again, with the help of laparoscope, our doctors will extract the eggs from the ovary.

• The male partner provides a sperm sample on the same day when we remove the eggs.

• The sperm is then attached to the egg and inserted in the fallopian tube with the help of a catheter.

• Our doctors will then provide medication to build the strength of the uterus lining. This is done to support the fertilized eggs.

• When you opt for a GIFT, the recovery time is only about 8-hours. Hence, you will not have to stay in the hospital for a long period of time.

This procedure is for;

• Women with unexplained fertility issues

• Couples who haven’t had any success with IVF previously

• Some couples are religiously or morally hesitant to opt for IVF. They can go for a GIFT.

• If the male partner has low or zero sperm count, then this technique is a good option.

• The time taken to complete one cycle on the GIFT is about four to six weeks.

Success rate

The success rate depends on the age and quality of the woman’s eggs. However, this procedure is very successful, with one-third of those being multiple pregnancies.

Advantages and disadvantages of GIFT

• It is a natural method of conceiving a baby, as the conception takes place in the fallopian tube. Some women prefer this method for the very same reason, because the natural process appeals to them. Also, in some religions, conception outside the woman’s body is prohibited, hence, even the most orthodox families can opt for this treatment.

• Some might feel like this procedure is time-consuming and expensive as the patient will have to go through a series of lab work, drugs, surgery, etc. Therefore, the time consumed, both before and after the treatment may feel too much.

• The GIFT is not like IVF as a surgery is necessary to transfer the sperm and the egg inside the fallopian tube.

• In this procedure, more than one egg is placed inside the fallopian tube. So, the odds of having twins or other multiples become more. A recent study showed that if three or four eggs are placed inside the tube, then the chances of conceiving twins or triplets was 22%.


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