How long does it take for each IVF cycle?

April 2, 2018

The time before starting your IVF cycle can be nerve-racking. However, you know your main goal is to have a healthy baby, and this thought is what will keep you going. But, what you can do to make the process easier is to learn more about the procedure. While every case is unique and can differ from person to person, an overview of the treatment will surely help.

How long does the IVF cycle take?


Starting your infertility treatment can make you anxious. But, look forward to the procedure and stop the worries. You have taken the first step towards experiencing motherhood. During your first week, you will have the initial consultation with your specialist. They will take a look at your medical files, your medication history, etc. This is the time where your doctors will try to understand both you and your partner. They can ask you several questions, from your menstrual health to the sexual intercourse. The important thing is to answer honestly.

During the initial visit, it is important to take your partner with you. Your specialist might also have questions for your partner, therefore, you will not waste any time. Once your doctors understand the problem, they will ask you to undergo a few tests to come to a conclusion.

Next comes the consultation, here, the specialist will explain the plan of action after going through your diagnosis. You will also learn about all the medicines you will have to take during your IVF cycle. And, finally, the financial aspects will be discussed.

WEEK 2-4

This is where it all really begins. Before your IVF, your doctors will do the initial evaluation to get a more detailed input about your fertility. Here, you will have to undergo a few tests, such as; a blood panel, ultrasound, etc. To regulate your menstrual cycle and to help your ovaries get ready, you might have to take birth control pills as recommended by the doctor.


After you complete the birth control pills course, you will begin a new procedure called controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH). During your COH, you will have to take fertility medicines orally or through injections for about 2 weeks. This will trigger the follicles in the ovaries, making sure the eggs mature. Also during this period, your specialist will keep a close eye with the help of ultrasounds and blood tests. When you reach week 5, you will have to make several visits to the clinic.


During week 7, your doctors will extract the eggs and fertilize it with the sperm in a laboratory. And, in about 3-6 days, they are transferred back inside the womb.


Once the transfer is complete, you might have to take progesterone supplements to strengthen the uterine and promote healthy implantation. You will take your first pregnancy test after 12 days of the embryo transfer. And, if the test is positive, you will take another test a week later to confirm the same.

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