Minimal Stimulation IVF

June 15, 2018

Minimal Stimulation IVF or mini-stim IVF is a newer approach to the traditional method of In Vitro Fertilization. MS-IVF is gaining popularity with each passing day because of its holistic approach. In the traditional method of IVF, high dose of medications is used to obtain as many as mature eggs as possible. By doing so, the chances of retrieving a normal embryo are maximised. This embryo can then be implanted in the uterus for the course of pregnancy. However, minimal stimulation IVF works differently than the traditional method of IVF. Instead of obtaining a maximum number of eggs, few, high-quality eggs are obtained. Minimal medications are used for this stimulation. In this approach, oral medications like Clomid and Letrozole are used. These medications focus on the development of only two to five mature eggs. In case of minimal stimulation IVF, the risk of OHSS or ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is much less.


1. The procedure is less painful in comparison to the traditional method. Local anaesthesia and a much smaller needle are used, making the procedure safer and less painful. In fact, the patients face no trouble n resuming their daily chores right after the procedure.

2. The costs involved in case of minimal stimulation IVF are much less than the costs of the traditional method, making it pocket-friendly.

3. The process of Mini Stim IVF requires less time than the traditional method of IVF.

4. Since fewer eggs are obtained, there are fewer chances of multiple conceptions. Multiple conceptions can cause potential risk to the life of both mother and baby.

5. By optimizing the intake of medications and drugs, women choose a healthy lifestyle. As a result of this lifestyle, the chances of obtaining high-quality eggs, potentially increase.

6. Owing to an increase in the number of high-quality eggs, the chances to freeze these embryos after each cycle increases. These frozen embryos can be used in the future.

7. In case of minimal stimulation IVF, the risk of OHSS or ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is much less. OHSS results in enlarged ovaries which lead to abdominal pain, cramps, bloating, weight gain, shortness of breath, etc. Simply put, the health risks in case of Minimal Stimulation IVF are much less than the traditional IVF.


Failure in Traditional Approach

Sometimes, patients do not get success even after repeated attempts at the traditional approach. In such cases, newer ways like Mini Stim IVF can be a ray of hope for these patients.

Ageing Women

Women over the age of forty can go for Mini Stimulation IVF. Usually, after the age of thirty-five, fewer eggs are produced in the woman’s body. Also, the quality of the eggs deteriorates over time. So, no matter how higher the dosage of medications is in traditional IVF, they are barely helpful. Thereby, mini stimulation IVF has more probabilities of success since it focuses on the quality of eggs and not the quantity.

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