Natural cycle IVF

April 22, 2018

Natural IVF or Natural Cycle IVF is almost similar to the Standard IVF. However, in this situation, the patient will have to use a high amount of drugs to trigger the ovaries to create several eggs. Today, the Natural cycle IVF has gained immense popularity as it can treat people who have no success with the standard IVF. Also, the number of advantages of this treatment is higher than that of the standard version. These include; zero danger of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), affordable, it does not produce excess embryos and eliminates multiple pregnancies.

What is Natural Cycle IVF?

The Natural Cycle IVF is in vitro fertilization conducted using a large number of medications. Women undergoing this treatment receive injections during the end of their cycle, preventing early ovulation. At the same time, doctors will introduce small quantities of gonadotropin medication, which helps promote the egg growth.

At Apollo fertility, we keep a tight check on the patient with regular ultrasounds and blood tests to track the growth of the main follicle. When this follicle grows to the right size, egg retrieval takes place. This extracted egg is then fertilized in a laboratory under the care of experts. Finally, if the embryo is produced, showing growth, it is put back into the uterus, just like the standard IVF procedure.

Why is Natural Cycle IVF Beneficial?

Natural Cycle IVF is beneficial because it comes with low risk, it is not expensive, and the side-effects are almost nil. This treatment does not exert excess stress on the body and prevents hyperstimulation.

Is it right for you?

Usually, three categories of women are said to be good contenders for Natural Cycle IVF. For all the women who are considered as ‘poor responders’, this exquisite treatment presents them with an opportunity to move forward with the IVF treatments in order to achieve their dream of becoming a mother. They can try even after having failed repeatedly in producing multiple embryos. But, it is important to remember that this is not recommended if multiple ovarian stimulations are not possible.

If male infertility is the cause of delayed pregnancy because of low or bad-quality sperm, then this treatment helps through ICSI. It also prevents multiple pregnancies and unrequited stimulation if your female partner if fertile.

Women who are not comfortable with the hormonal therapy can easily opt for this treatment.

It is natural to have many questions regarding this treatment. Now, that you have understood the gist of it, you can always visit your nearest Apollo Fertility for a quick consultation. The fertility specialist will take a look at your medical records, symptoms, etc. and explain all the pros and cons of this treatment in detail.

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