Preparing for second IVF cycle

May 1, 2018

As the quality of our lifestyle suffers, so are we suffering from various problems related to health. One such major problem surfacing in young couple is infertility. With the daily advancement of science and new technologies coming up, conceiving through ways which are not completely natural is helping couples realize their dream of becoming parents. One such treatment is IVF or In Vitro Fertilization.

In this procedure, the eggs from a woman are extracted and fertilized with the sperm in a lab. Once the embryos develop, one or two are implanted in the uterus and the rest are stored.

IVF is mostly looked at as a last resort. When all the other fertility methods fail, that is when people want to go for IVF. Though IVF has a higher success rate than other infertility techniques, its costly nature makes it not so preferable by all. IVF is mostly used in cases of older women or women with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes. It is also suggested to couples with unexplained infertility.

Any fertilization technique can be carried out in cycles based on a woman’s menstruation cycle. But their success rate depends very much on the woman’s health. Having a successful first cycle builds the confidence and helps the couple stay motivated. But a failed first cycle can take a toll on you emotionally and mentally.

We tell you how to go into your next cycle all prepared physically, mentally and emotionally:

– When after a wait you decide to go for second round of IVF, you have a mixed bag of feelings. It’s both harder and easier than the first round.

– As you have gone through it earlier, you have an advantage of “been there, done that”. You are more informed about the procedure and know the where-about of it all.

– It has been shown that the chances of conceiving with IVF increase if the woman has had a successful pregnancy with IVF in the past. This helps the physician and the patient to duplicate the decisions that were beneficial.

– Going for the second round is an individual decision but it should be made sure that you do this only when you are ready to do it. Rushing right back into it without your body ready for it can have major implementations.

– You should not step into your second cycle with a lot of expectations. Being optimistic and staying positive is good but expectations tend to drive you insane. Going with the flow will help you.

– Changing things up in between the cycles can help you in various ways. Small changes like exercises, taking more fertility supplements, having a therapy etc. All these things make a big emotional difference and help you stay positive.

– Last and most important is to take care of yourself. It is you who is going to carry the baby and the mother needs to be healthy in mind as well as physical aspect.

These are some points you can start with when you decide to go for the second cycle of IVF. Other than these, your physician will help you in the process and your optimism may result in a little bundle of joy.

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