Should I avoid alcohol while undergoing IVF procedure?

July 14, 2018

One of the most effective ways to conceive, when one cannot get pregnant via natural means, is In Vitro Fertilization. In IVF a controlled environment is created that effectively increases the opportunity for fertilization of the egg. In Sperm and egg are combined in a laboratory dish and checked through the fertilization process. After three to four days, the fertilized eggs develop into embryos. The life of these embryos are then tested for transferring, freezing or culturing and development.

When it comes to infertility, IVF is an effective option if you and your partner are suffering from inability of sperm to penetrate or survive in the cervical mucus, problems with ovulation, problems with fallopian tubes, low sperm counts, and endometriosis. The IVF process begins weeks earlier in case of a woman. On an average the IVF cycle takes about six to eight weeks from consultation to transfer.

The success rate of IVF treatment is largely dependent on the woman’s age. Those under 35 years of age, have 39.6% chance of getting pregnant via IVF. While those above 40 years have only 11% chance of success. However due to refinement in techniques and presence of experienced doctors, the success rate in every age group is increasing. There are several Do’s and Don’ts.

Another important factor responsible for success of the treatment is correct lifestyle choices. During IVF treatment it’s important to stop consumption of alcohol, as it can considerably reduce the success rate of the treatment. According to a new study, drinking more than one bottle of wine in a week, reduced success rate by 26%! A woman’s chance of conceiving by IVF treatment falls by 24% if she consumes more than two glasses of white wine in a week. Also if she drinks beer everyday then the chance of having an embryo successfully implanted in her womb falls by 38%.

Numerous studies have clearly indicated consumption of alcohol by both men and women interfere with pregnancy and conception. Thus it’s important to avoid alcohol all together if one is undergoing IVF treatment, to ensure the treatment produces maximum positive result.

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