Sonosalpingography- During and After the Procedure

August 4, 2018

Today’s science has so evolved that it has a solution to each and every problem. From helping people in their daily chores to medical help, it has something for every field. Medicine is one such field wherein it has made its mark giving to the world n number of methods for testing and treatment.

SONOSALPINOGOGRAPY is one such diagnostic methods that have been popularly used in the field of IVF treatments to looks for the causes of failed pregnancies and infertility.

This test involves saline to be injected in your uterus which enlarges all parts of the organ. The enlarged parts are seen to look out for any damage in the uterus.

Popularly used to check for the patency of the fallopian tube, this procedure takes about 10-15 minutes to conduct without any side effect.

Before the procedure, it is suggested to keep your bladder empty and carry extra sanitary pads keeping in mind that discharge may happen after the procedure. Further, it is necessary to know that this procedure takes place 8-10 days after the menstrual cycle.


After making sure of certain conditions, you are taken to the testing lab wherein you are asked to lay on the table with your knees bent and legs apart.

Then, the doctor will insert a speculum into your vagina so that your cervix can easily be seen. Your cervix is then cleaned with an antiseptic solution after which, a thin tube is inserted into your vagina with the help of ultrasonic guidance.

At this point, saline is injected into your endometrial cavity, slowly and gradually. This fluid enlarges the cavity. Further, the movement of the fluid helps to check for blockages.

The procedure ends here, however, you may be uncomfortable throughout the procedure and maybe even after it.


After the procedure, you are shifted to the recovery room to rest for about 2 hours. In this period, you can have a light meal.  And, hence, you are discharged to continue with your daily routine normally.

The procedure is quite simple and does not require any radiation. thus, making it quite popular among doctors.



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