What are the risks of IVF procedure?

July 16, 2018

IVF has emerged as the most lucrative option for couples who are unable to bear a child due to various reasons that cause infertility in males and females. The stakes are high in this procedure and the hope associated with it is immense. Like every procedure, IVF is also a technique that has its pros and cons. The procedure was the biggest breakthrough in the science of fertility. Scientists had also forgotten that we were venturing into unknown waters, which might leave a deep scar as well.

The procedure is actually the most efficient of all fertility techniques, but like all techniques or procedures, it comes with its set of disadvantages as well. Now, let us look at the set of cons which are associated with IVF. While some of these cons might be known to you, there are still some risks associated with the procedure of IVF, although scientists are putting in efforts to help reduce these risks.

Now, let us have a look at the side effects that the IVF procedure has:

• The risk of multiple births: IVF increases the possibility of multiple births. Often, you would find twins being born through IVF. This could lead to greater stress on the fetus and would force the female into early labor, which might not have a desirable effect on the female body and might leave her in pain. With multiple births, it also leads to a kind of mini-explosion in the population and may also leave a big hole in the pockets of many couples who were hoping for a single child.

• Premature birth and intensive loss of weight: Generally, it takes nine months for a baby to be born since the time baby is in the mother’s womb. In case of IVF, it has been found that the baby is born prematurely. There is another problem of intensive loss of weight among the newborn, which implies that the individual might not be actually healthy. In most cases, the time of birth is really unpredictable in the case of IVF.

• The Hyper Stimulation of the Ovaries: The use of drugs has been found to have a detrimental effect on the ovaries over a period of time. It has been found that due to excessive stimulation by the use of drugs, the ovaries might stop to respond which leads to “poor reception.” This case is actually very rare as utmost care is being taken to ensure that the right dosage of drugs is being given to the patient.

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