What is the success rate of IVF procedures in India?

August 7, 2018

What is the success rate of IVF procedures in India?

IVF procedures are carried successfully throughout the year in India. All couples face their own difficulties in conceiving and IVF happens to be the solution for most of them. However, the concern for most of the couples remains that if investing time and money in this procedure would be fruitful. Most of the IVF treatments have turned out to be successful and helped significant number of infertile couples to start their family.

There is no fixed percentage or a way through which the efficiency of this process can be determined at large. Success of an IVF procedure also depends on various factors like age, quality of egg, the cause of infertility, hormonal imbalance etc.

Women above the age of 35 may have lesser chances of conceiving through IVF because the number of eggs in ovaries decline with age. To improve the chances, women are advised to take help of donor eggs or have their eggs frozen beforehand.

How someone would choose to go ahead with the treatment is a personal decision. If the couple wants to have a biological child, they can cryo-preserve the eggs. The rate of success increases in this case.

Another factor that determines the rate of success is the capability of the body to sustain the pregnancy. If the walls of the uterus are weak or your body isn’t producing the required amount of hormones (estrogen and progesterone), chances are that you might face miscarriage. In this case, doctors would advise surrogacy along with IVF treatment. Choosing to conceive through surrogacy will result in the increase of success rate.

Apart from these factors, general perspective towards this treatment plays an important role in its success. Some couples don’t conceive the first time but that doesn’t mean they won’t ever do in future. Every individual is different and has its own way of responding to a treatment. It is utterly important to trust the process and take help of your doctor to understand your body better.

Technology and science has grown advance and IVF is one such outcome. IVF treatment has high success rate in India and right kind of guidance will help you reap its benefits.

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