Preconception Care for Men

June 28, 2017

When we talk about preconception checklist, it basically means preconception care that one should take to increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy; and this checklist applies as much to men as it does to women.

Here are few preconception care tips that men should take in order to maintain their fertility.

Eat healthy

Though this is a statement which is heard quite often, its importance goes up a notch when you are trying to have a baby. Make your diet as healthy as possible. To maintain optimum fertility the diet should be high on fertility boosting foods like walnuts, pumpkin seeds, blueberries and tomatoes. An antioxidant rich diet helps to increase sperm quality and quantity. Avoid a diet which contains any kind of harmful chemicals or toxins as they can lead to hormone imbalance in the body.

Say no to smoking & drinking

This is a must have on your preconception care list. Excessive smoking and consumption of high amounts of alcohol are two major factors that lead to male infertility. So, if you are planning to become a father then it is high time you cut back on both these habits.

Smoking and drinking have a negative impact on the sperm quality and on sperm quantity. It can also lead to birth defects. Even though it is difficult to let go of these habits suddenly, at least you can start by gradually decreasing the consumption level. Try keeping a leash on these habits, don’t let them overrule you.

The weight factor

Maintain a weight balance. Being underweight or overweight – both may have a negative impact on male fertility. Also, maintaining weight balance is good for your overall health as well.

Visit a specialist

An important point in your preconception checklist is to book a doctor’s appointment and get a preconception checkup done. Your health is as important as your partner’s to have a successful and healthy pregnancy. Pay the doctor a visit. Ensure you are in good health and check if there is anything in your medical history that could possibly affect your fertility. Taking care of such things now will help prevent any pregnancy problems in the future.

Wear the right clothes & avoid hot tubs

Wearing tight jeans heats up the testicles and decreases the viability of the sperm. Same goes with frequent and long hot tub baths. High temperatures have a negative effect on the sperm.

Laptop placement

Heat emitted from a laptop can lower the sperm count if placed on the lap as it heats up the scrotum region very quickly. The solution however is very simple. Use your laptop as much as you want, just don’t put it in your lap while using.

Stay away from stress

True, it is easier said than done. But at least you can try to stay as stress free and as happy as possible. Stress disturbs the hormonal balance in your body which can lead to fertility problems.

These were some pointers that you need to take care of in your preconception care checklist. To know more about male infertility, how to maintain it and fertility treatments talk to our experts. Visit Apollo Fertility Hospitals

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