5 tips to increase your chances of conceiving

June 21, 2017

Increase chances of conceiving

While some women get pregnant effortlessly, others may take time and need some help to conceive. Here are 7 simple changes in your lifestyle that can help you get pregnant:

1. Decrease your caffeine intake

While a coffee or two is okay, most of us tend to go overboard with the number of coffees we have everyday. We also expose our body to caffeine through most aerated beverages and chocolates. If you’re looking for ways to increase chances of getting pregnant, then it’s time to cut back on the caffeine and restrict yourself to 200 mg a day as any more than this can cause problems conceiving.

2. Relax

High stress levels can cause problems ovulating. So, take a deep breath and relax. Yoga, meditation and reading are some very effective ways to calm your system. Also, ensure that you get a good night’s sleep as this will keep your body rested and ready for conception. If you need help managing your stress levels, do consult a counselor who can guide you on methods of stress management. There is no shame in seeking medical help to ease your stress.

3. Exercise regularly

It’s important to be in good shape if you’re looking for ways to get pregnant, but ensure that you do not overdo it. A regular exercise regimen will help you in comparison with unhealthy crash diets or fad exercise routines. Get your partner to exercise with you as men who exercise regularly have better sperm counts and concentrations, thereby increasing your chances of conceiving.

4. Quit smoking

While the many harmful effects of smoking are widely recognized, not many are aware that it can cause with respect to conceiving. A definite way of increasing chances of getting pregnant is quitting smoking.

5. Cut down on your alcohol intake

Heavy consumption of alcohol can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. So, it’s best to moderate your alcohol intake if you’re wondering how to boost fertility.

While these are natural fertility boosters, it is important to consult fertility experts such as the experienced team at Apollo Fertility. If you’re wondering how to increase chances of getting pregnant naturally or how to help getting pregnant faster or how to increase chances of getting pregnant after 35, visit an Apollo Fertility center in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad or Chennai to get advice from our team of Specialists in Reproductive Medicine, Embryologists, Andrologists, Ultrasonologists and Counselors.

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