Understanding Your Fertile Window & Ovulation

May 12, 2018

Knowing about ovulation and fertility is essential for every woman who desires to become a mother. Many women do not know when their fertile days are. Hence, a thorough knowledge on ovulation and fertility days increases the likelihood of becoming pregnant.

In the intend of letting you feel the goodness of parenthood, this Mother’s day Apollo Fertility propounds your knowledge about the days where you have highest chances of conceiving.

Timing plays a key role for getting pregnant. The best time to conceive is called ‘fertile window.’ But do you know when your fertile window is? Read on to know it better.

A fertile window is a period during your menstrual cycle where the possibility of conceiving is high. Your fertile window is up to six days, the 5 days before ovulation along with the day you ovulate. The life span of your ova is just 24 hours, while the sperm is 5 days. Therefore, the gynecologists recommend having sexual intercourse every two days during the fertile window. However, the likelihood of conception is more if the closer to ovulation your sexual intercourse is. If the egg fails to get fertilized, it shatters and triggers your next cycle.

Thus, you must know when your ovulation day falls to track your fertile days. Reading below tells you, what ovulation is and how to track your ovulation days-

Ovulation is when your ovary releases a mature egg, which then moves down towards the fallopian tubes to get fertilized.

How to track ovulation?

Know the length of your menstrual cycle, as it varies in each woman. Although, if your menstrual cycle is of 28 days then your ovulation can be on day 14. Usually, it occurs before two weeks of your next expected period.

Your fertile days depends on the length of your menstrual cycle:

  • If the cycle is of 28 days, then the day 12, 13, and 14 are the most fertile days.

  • If the cycle is of 35 days, your ovulation could be on day 21. Hence the most fertile days would be on day 19, 20, and 21.

  • If the cycle is of 21 days, then your ovulation could be on day 7, and the most fertile days could be 5, 6, and 7.

Signs of ovulation

As the length of menstrual cycles varies in each woman, it is sometimes confusing for you to understand the exact fertile days. Here are few ways to help you know if you are ovulating.

  • The consistency of your mucus

Checking the consistency of your vaginal mucus is an easy and best way, if the mucus is clear, slippery and resembles an egg white, then it indicates you are ovulating.

  • Kits to check if you are ovulating

You can try on an ovulation predictor kit, to know if you are ovulating. It shows a hike in luteinizing hormone levels if you are ovulating. For a woman with a cycle of 28 days, the test needs to be done on day 11 after the start of the period.

If the test shows positive, it indicates that you may ovulate in the coming 24 to 36 hours.

For this reason, it is necessary to understand about ovulation and fertile window to relish the joy of parenthood. Sometimes, there may still be a bit of ambiguity, and to clear off, we have expert gynecologists at Apollo Fertility to help you track your fertile window and improve your chances of becoming a mother with no more delay.

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