5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Sperm Donor

January 24, 2020

5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Sperm Donor

Choosing A Sperm Donor – If you have been, trying to conceive and were unsuccessful, or having been wanting to start a family for a long time, a sperm donor can help your dream come true. However, suitable donors are difficult to find. The difficulty arises as most leading clinics require men to undergo genetic and semen testing, psychological evaluation and sexual history screening to qualify as a sperm donor.

The health, appearance and intelligence of a child are influenced by the quality of the sperm. It is, therefore, essential to pay close attention.

5 factors when Choosing a Sperm Donor

1.Sperm Bank Reputation

Choose a bank that complies with the laws on sperm donation. This is an important step for legal parentage. Talk to your fertility specialist to get a list of well-known sperm banks offering high-quality samples. Many banks might also provide you with the necessary details of the donors to help you make the right choice.

2.Donor’s Medical History

Ensure that your sperm donor is tested for HIV, hereditary diseases and infectious communicable diseases. You also have the right to ask for the donor’s family medical history. Make sure you check the details of his sexual activities and genetic conditions as well. Leading sperm banks in Mumbai keep records of such information on the donor. All these factors are most likely to impact sperm quality.

3.Physical Features

Many parents expect their child to have certain bodily traits. If you want your baby to have a particular eye colour, height or complexion, check the photos of the donor. If the appearance fits your choice, you might want to consider the individual’s sperms for your baby. However, if you just want a healthy baby regardless of the external appearance, you can skip this process altogether.

4.Donor Identity

If you opt for an anonymous donor, you will not have any relationship with him. He might be a sperm donor in Mumbai itself, but you will never know who he is. In fact, he will not have any parental rights over your child. On the other hand, some women prefer known donors, so they are surer of their appearance, medical history, education and family background. However, if the donor is a close relative or friend, asking for their medical history may become awkward. Moreover, the relative or friend may feel attached to the child, which could create complications.

5.Genetic Siblings

Many couples prefer more than one child from the same donor. You will have to ensure that the sperm donor has enough stock to help you produce the second child. It is a great idea to collect extra sperm and store it beforehand for the next use.

As you go ahead and select a sperm donor, be sure to tick off these basic points. Do your own research and educate yourself to make an informed final decision. For assistance in the process, you can always contact the best fertility clinics near you.

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