What is it Like to Donate Sperm at a Sperm Bank?

August 6, 2018

What is it Like to Donate Sperm at a Sperm Bank?

Sperm donation is the provision by which a male donates sperms in a sperm bank or cryobank so that it can be injected into a woman’s womb in order to bear a child. The process is thought to be very easy but there are a number of criteria that a man has to satisfy before donating sperms at a sperm bank. The donor also has to go through a questionnaire before donating sperms. This is because the donor is paid for donating sperms

Assessment of Background

When a woman or a couple wants to have a baby through artificial insemination, they always assess the background to the donor in relation to social status, family health history, education, complexion, height and even the colour of the eye in some cases.

Social status

Many couples are too conscious of the race and social status of the donor. Couples from high-class society usually want to be inseminated with the sperms of a donor who have a good status in the society as they think that status affects the mentality of a person.

Family health history

This is a very important criterion as sperm banks freeze the sperms and store them. Hence the sperms have to be healthy and have to be alive till inseminations. Donors having a history of any kind of genetic disorder or sex-linked diseases are rejected. Even those whose sperms are not healthy and do not live for the required times after ejaculation are rejected. Donors suffering from any kind of genital disease or any other chronic disease like AIDS, asthma, arthritis are not allowed to donate sperms.


Education plays a major role in sperm donation. Cryobanks do not accept donors who have not qualified at least their secondary education. Some sperm banks even insist on a college degree for sperm donation. Some couples insist on smart and motivated donors.

Physical traits

Some families are very particular about the physical traits and among them, height and weight play the major role. Most sperm banks keep their height requirement as 5,10” to 6ft. Weight is kept as a criterion as that is linked to the donation of healthy sperms.

Apart from these traits men who are friendly, articulate and motivated and also having a fair complexion and an eye colour that looks attractive are chosen by both sperm banks and the couples. So the whole process of sperm donation is not that easy as it seems to be.


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