September 4, 2018


What do you mean by sperm freezing?

This is a technique by which the sperm cells are preserved. It is usually referred to as semen cryopreservation or sperm banking. It is the method which successfully aids in the preservation of the fertility of a man. Also, in some cases, the sperm is stored for using it in the treatment of someone else.

Why do men preserve & store their sperm?

The preservation and storage of the sperm are done to:

  • Store it for their own treatment in the future.
  • Donate the sperm for the treatment of someone else.
  • Moreover, due to radiations and certain treatment the quality of the sperm gets damaged.

So, men choose to get their sperm freeze prior to any medical treatment.

When does a man consider sperm freezing?

The freezing of sperm can be considered:

  • If the person is planning to have a vasectomy and need the availability of the sperm in case the person wants to have children in the future.
  • If the person is undergoing a treatment for a disease that might have an impact on the fertility of the person.
  • If the man has a lower count of sperm or there is an occurrence of the deterioration of the quality of the sperm.
  • If the person is a male who is transforming into a female. In that case, the person would want to preserve the fertility.

What is the procedure of sperm freezing:

  • The testing of the sperm is the first step. It is tested for the presence of any diseases that are infectious.
  • A detailed consent is given about the storage of the sperm and the specification about the time period of the storage.
  • A fresh sample of sperm is produced by the male and it is then frozen.
  • Later, it is mixed with a cryoprotectant which is a special fluid that aids in the protection of the sperm during the process of sperm freezing.
  • The sample undergoes cooling gradually and is pushed into liquid nitrogen.
  • These samples before the process of freezing sperm are generally divided into containers which are referred to as straws.
  • This results in its usage in multiple treatments.

How much time can the sperm be stored?

  • Technically, the standard for its storage is about 10 years.
  • It may also depend from one person to another.

How can the sperm be used?

For the utilization of the sperm, the person needs to undergo a treatment of fertility that mainly includes:

  • IVF
  • IUI
  • ICSI

Once it gets thawed, it can be used in the same manner as a fresh sperm.

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