Benefits and drawbacks of spermicides

September 6, 2018

Spermicides are birth control methods, the awareness of which has now increased. It is cheap and may even be available for free at some parenthood health centres and health clinics. Also, since these packages are extremely handy, you can carry it wherever you go. Some people cannot use methods with hormones because of medical issues faced by them. This is where a spermicide turns out to be a good option for them. It can be used as part of the intercourse. However, to be able to get effective results, you need to be able to use it correctly which is difficult at times since spermicides can have some side effects too. You need to use it every time you indulge in vaginal sex and also use it correctly.

An ingredient present in the spermicide named nonoxynol-9 can have an irritating effect on the genital tissues that are sensitive in nature especially if you use it a number of times a day. Also, some people are allergic to spermicide so if you find any kind of allergy being developed due to its usage, it is time to switch to some other control method. Spermicide does not provide any protection against the sexually transmitted diseases. Worse, due to the increased usage of the spermicide, your chances of catching HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases is likely to increase due to the chemical in spermicide which can irritate your vagina and make it easy for the bacteria to enter your body. Spermicides are also messy and can come out of your vagina. In addition to that, they also taste a little weird.

Prevention is always better than cure but also, every coin has two sides. So, it is safer to look at both pros as well as cons and then only if the negative outweighs the positive, go for it. You can also consult your doctor about the same or try out other birth control methods preferably in case you find yourself being uncomfortable with a spermicide.



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