Can one personally check sperm quality?

September 7, 2018

Can one personally check sperm quality?

This might be the question raging in the minds of so many couples or men. Millions of couples try to conceive each year and so many of them may face the hurdle in spite of being involved in unprotected intercourse for one year or more. Nearly half of the fertility problems originate with the male partner and often times it becomes necessary too for sperm count and quality checks. As a matter of fact, changes in lifestyle, obesity, sleeping patterns, smoking and other habits have led to a decline in sperm count. Men fell inhibited to visit a fertility specialist for the collection and analysis of the semen sample for the simple reason of having to ejaculate outside the privacy of their homes. That can be embarrassing for some. Males look for do-it-yourself like kit like the pregnancy test kits available in the markets right now.

There are several such kits available in the market right now which can provide the men with authentic results related to their sperm counts. These kits help in measuring all the main fertility parameters as well. The equipment may consist of a battery operated centrifuge, a collection cup, a ropper and single-use test cartridges. the person should drop the semen into the centrifuge using the equipments, the centrifuge rotates at a very high speed separating the denser sperm from the semen, these sperms get deposited on the outside surface of the test cartridge and the size of the deposited sperm pellet determines the concentration.

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The results are available in 10 minutes normally. The test work on the principle of identifying a protein that is only found in male sperm. Studies have shown that test to be as reliable as those conducted in labs. A healthy sperm count amounts to 20 million sperm counts per millimetre. If your stats are below this you need to consult a doctor otherwise your concentration is considered as normal.

However, these tests only measure the sperm count in the semen ejaculated during an orgasm. A typical fertility test involves the semen volume, total sperm number, the sperm concentration, vitality, movement and shape that cannot be assessed with these home tests.  This cannot be the only parameter for checking fertility as the production in plumbing is still all unawares. Also, the chances of errors are heightened due to unprofessional handling. So take these tests but to ascertain and conclude over your decision to visit the doctor.

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