Checking Sperm Count at Home

September 11, 2018

Checking Sperm Count at Home

Problems with the sperm production are the most common causes of male infertility. A lot of it has to do with being obese, being under too much stress or leading an unhealthy lifestyle in general. According to a study by researchers, obese men are more likely to have a lower sperm count than healthier men. Smoking and stress also play key roles in low fertility. This article is aimed at helping men planning in starting a family to test their sperm count at home without the help of a urologist.

There are various devices available in the market to test your sperm count at home. Using this device, a man needs to collect a sample of his sperm and put it in the cup. A dropper will be used to transport it to the centrifuge which then spins for a certain period of time. Remember to keep the lid closed at all times, if the lid pops open, chances of error increase. Spinning of the sperm sample is vital to sediment out dense sperm and collect the outer region of the test cartridge. This test will then help you determine if the size of the sperm cell pellet correspond with the concentration of cells.

There are various apps available too to help you monitor your fertility statistics for a period of time. Your lifestyle changes are also taken into consideration when determining your sperm count and fertility. However, merely using the app does not make the cut. You must use the home kit provided.

Another way to test your sperm count is using a device called SpermCheck male fertility. It is fairly easy to use and to find out one’s sperm count in 30 minutes. It looks somewhat like a female pregnancy test wherein you place your sample using a dropper in the testing device. A line will appear for negative result and a plus sign will appear if your sperm count is over 20 million and the negative sign will appear if your count is below 20 million. This method is easier and more reliable than the one mentioned above. However, if you are not sure whether to trust the test or not you can go to your doctor and get tested again.

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