Common hormone imbalance symptoms and signs

September 13, 2018

Common hormone imbalance symptoms and signs

Human beings are likely to experience a lot of hormonal changes their whole life. However, it is important to be able to identify these changes and bring changes to your lifestyle in order to be able to lead a healthy life. This is probably the reason why we are here, to help you figure out some signs which say ‘HORMONAL IMBALANCE.

Weight gain

In today’s scenario, putting on weight when you grow up is considered to be normal. Well, it isn’t. This is a clear indication of hormonal imbalance in your body. The numerous systems in your body including the endocrine system, thyroid, and the digestive system, play a major role in the imbalance, which leads to an increase in the weight.

Reduction in libido levels

This hormonal imbalance is probably the one which is likely to be noticed the most. This imbalance is caused by the varying imbalances in the levels of estrogen and testosterone.


If you are barely able to get out of bed each morning and can’t breathe after climbing some four-five steps, then this is one sign which indicates a hormonal imbalance in your body. You might be suffering from a thyroid hormone, adrenal fatigue or some other form of imbalance in your body.

Depression and irritation

If you are witnessing a very frequent change in your moods, then, it might be possible for you to be suffering from hormonal imbalance in your body.


Every person who is unable to sleep is not in love. Some might be suffering from a drop in their progesterone hormone and feel restless thereby leading to a poor sleeping pattern.

Night sweats

This is the result of an increased level of estrogen or little progesterone in the body. Some other sources of the problem might be thyroid, pancreas, adrenals or ovaries.


Eating in excess and suffering from cravings are both signs of hormonal imbalances. Having a control on the consumption of alcohol, sugar, dairy, and wheat will definitely help curb the problems and improve the digestive system.


If you are suffering from acne all the time, then it is possible that androgens are the root cause behind them. Oil is produced due to the testosterone which gets trapped beneath the skin, and gets merged with the dead skin cells causing the pores to clog.

Memory loss

If you are forgetting things frequently, it is possible that you are stressed out due to which a lot of cortisol is being produced in your body which can harm your ability to learn and memorize.

Problem in the digestive system

Cortisol gets produced in the body naturally in the morning. However, under a lot of stress, it gets produced in excessive amounts thereby leading to the gall bladder of a woman to be empty and an increase in the cholesterol levels.


During the menstrual cycle, due to an increase in the hormonal imbalance, a woman is likely to suffer from a severe headache.

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Dryness in vagina

Due to a drop in the level of estrogen, changes are caused to the vaginal wall as menopause approaches. Due to this, there is dryness in the vagina.

Changes in breast

Breasts can start to feel soft and sore thereby leading to fibroids, lumps, and cysts which are all caused as a result of hormonal imbalance in the body.


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