Immunological Investigation: Procedure, Tests and Benefits

Immunological Investigation is a term used to define multiple tests performed to diagnose the role of the immunity system of an infertile couple.

The human body's immunity system is designed to protect the body from any external or foreign biological material. Every time a human body is subjected to any external infection, the immunity system kicks in and attacks that organic material by creating antibodies.

But sometimes, the immunity system, especially in women, rejects the male sperm as a non-self and attacks it with anti-sperm antibodies. This can kill the sperm in the initial stage or even after the egg is fertilized. This can result in frequent pregnancy loss in women. Immunological Investigation focuses on diagnosing the root cause of this issue and preventing any pregnancy loss in the future.

It's important to note here that in 8-10% of the cases related to reproductive immunology, males, too, might have some health conditions that are killing their sperm.

Who should undergo an Immunological Investigation?

If you cannot conceive after multiple trials and the doctor cannot find the cause of your infertility, he/she might recommend an immunological Investigation. Moreover, if you have suffered multiple pregnancy losses or your IVF treatments have failed multiple times, there might be an issue with your immunological system.

In such cases, you must consult the specialists at Apollo Fertility JP Nagar for the right guidance and proper care.

What to expect during the Immunological Investigation?

Immunological Investigation covers multiple tests. Here is the list of some few that we perform at Apollo Fertility JP Nagar:

a. Antithyroid Antibodies (ATA)Test: T-cells within the uterine lining might sometimes produce pro-inflammatory cytokines. The excessive production of cytokines might interfere with embryo implantation due to T-cell dysfunction. ATA test is performed to identify this issue.

b. Natural Killer Cell Activity Test: Natural killer cells are immune cells tasked with killing infected cells or tumours. But the abnormally higher number of these cells and their hyperactivity might result in pregnancy loss as they attack the embryo.

c. Antiphospholipid Antibody (APA) Test: Antiphospholipid bodies directly affect placental cells and blood cells of the embryo in the preimplantation stage. This can lead to pregnancy loss. APA test is performed to identify the hyperactivity of these antibodies. 

d. Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) Test: Antinuclear Antibodies are known to have a toxic impact on the preimplantation embryo. ANA Test is performed to analyze the activity of Antinuclear Antibodies that might be interfering with the problem.

e. Lupus Anticoagulant, Embryo Toxicity Assay (ETA) Test: Numerous embryotoxic factors can be associated with issues like unexplained infertility, pregnancy loss, IVF failure or endometriosis-induced infertility. ETA test focuses on identifying these factors so a doctor can recommend suitable treatment options.

Immunological Investigation is comparatively a newer form of infertility-related diagnosis. So you must consult only a certified professional from the field.

At Apollo Fertility JP Nagar, specialists are constantly working in this field. They can perform the best diagnosis and provide you with effective care and treatment that you might require to achieve your goal of motherhood.

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1. Is immunological Investigation reliable?

Immunological Investigation is quite a new field. But when you have professional doctors at Apollo Fertility JP Nagar available to help you with immunological Investigation, you can expect the most precise results and diagnosis.

2. What tests are performed to diagnose Immunoligcal Infertility?

At Apollo Fertility JP Nagar, we perform the following tests to diagnose Immunological Infertility: · Antithyroid Antibodies (ATA)Test · Natural Killer Cell Activity Test · Antiphospholipid Antibody (APA) Test · Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) Test · Lupus Anticoagulant, Embryo Toxicity Assay (ETA) Test

3. Who is at higher risk of Immunological Infertility?

Any male or female with some immune disorder can be at risk of immunological infertility. In fact, immunological infertility is one of the 80 immunological disorders.

4. Can my immune system cause a miscarriage?

If you are dealing with an immunological disorder, your immune system can attack the preimplantation embryo or fetus. So yes, the immune system can cause a miscarriage.

5. Can an auto-immune patient have a successful pregnancy?

An auto-immune disorder doesn't mean you can never conceive a child. There are several cases where patients with auto-immune disorders have given birth to healthy children without complications. All you need is assistance from certified professionals and proper care along with treatment. At Apollo Fertility JP Nagar, we can help you with that. For more details, you can contact us via a call or book your consultation online.

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