Semen Analysis: What can it tell you about your fertility?

Semen analysis is a lab test conducted on semen (male ejaculation) to analyze and study the volume and quality of a male's sperm. During the test, experts look at various factors like sperm count, the shape of the sperm and the movement of the sperm.

Semen analysis is one of the primary tests a doctor would recommend if you are dealing with infertility. Semen analysis is also performed to determine whether the Vasectomy was successful.

As the sperm counts vary with each test, your doctor will usually take multiple samples from you for analysis throughout a couple of months. After multiple tests, doctors come up with average results that are more conclusive and accurate.

Why is Semen analysis conducted?

Doctors conduct semen analysis to:

Diagnose Male Infertility: If you cannot conceive a child even after trying for over a year, there could be an issue with your semen. Semen analysis can help diagnose the issue. 

Test the outcome of Vasectomy: If you recently had a vasectomy (a  procedure to block the sperm from entering the semen), Semen analysis can help doctors determine whether the procedure was successful.

Risk factors associated with a test

As the Semen analysis is a non-invasive test, there are no known risks associated with the test.

Preparing for the test

The preparations for the Semen Analysis tests may vary for each patient. But your doctor will give you important instructions before you undergo this test. You must consider each instruction and follow it strictly.

Here are some common instructions that your doctor may offer:

  • Stop taking any hormone medication before the  test
  • Stop taking any herbal medication before the test
  • Let your doctor know about any other medication you are taking before the test
  • Avoid ejaculation by any means at least 24 to 72 hours before the test to get accurate results
  • Stop taking any recreational drugs or caffeine and alcohol before at least 72 to 9 hours

The semen analysis will be accurate only if you strictly adhere to these instructions and any additional ones offered by your doctor.

What to expect from the test?

A lab with advanced equipment and specialists like the one at Apollo Fertility JP Nagar should be preferred for Semen Analysis. 

Here’s what you can expect during the test:

  • Your doctor will give you certain instructions during your consultation before the test.
  • On the day of the test, you will be required to visit the clinic and provide your semen in a specimen container. Semen collected after masturbation at the clinic is preferred as it is clean.
  • You will provide semen throughout a couple of months. Multiple sample analyses will ensure accurate results.
  • The doctors will perform a thorough analysis of your semen and will update you about the results once they are out. 

Possible results of the test

Results for Post-vasectomy procedure: If there are no sperm or a few non-moving sperm present in the semen, it indicates the Vasectomy was successful.

Similarly, if a high number of moving sperms are present, it indicates there’s something wrong with the Vasectomy and further tests may be necessary.

Results of Infertility tests

The test will look at Semen volume, sperm concentration, sperm morphology, sperm motility, and vitality.

Suppose the test shows that you have active sperm with proper shape (morphology), high sperm concentration, and high pH value; then there is no problem with your semen. Infertility could be the result of some other issue.

On the contrary, if the abovementioned factors are above or below the standard value, there is some issue with your semen. Sperm analysis is an important test that will determine the further course of action for your infertility.

At Apollo Fertility, we perform advanced Semen analysis for our patients. You can schedule a consultation with our expert for more details.

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1. When is the post-Vasectomy Semen Analysis performed?

Post-Vasectomy Semen Analysis is performed after 9 to 12 weeks of the procedure.

2. What is a normal sperm count range?

The normal sperm count range is between 20 million to 200 million sperm per millilitre.

3. Are there any preparations for semen analysis?

You should abstain from ejaculation before 24 to 72 hours. Apart from this, you must follow your doctor’s other instructions.

4. What does the low pH value of the semen mean?

A low pH value indicates your semen is acidic. Acidity can kill the sperm and might impact your ability to conceive.

5. Can smoking and excessive alcohol impact your fertility?

Yes, both habits can lead to infertility in many cases. So it's better to avoid them.

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