Caffeine and Tobacco effect on fertility

April 9, 2018

Caffeine and Tobacco effect on fertility

If the title of this article scares you, do take a deep breath. No, eating your hot chocolates or soft drinks won’t render you infertile immediately. However, besides taking over your lungs, tobacco may lead to infertility in the long run. Caffeine, although more dose-dependent, may also cause infertility in both men and women when taken in excess amounts. There is no need to get worried about caffeine side effects on fertility as long as its consumption is reasonable. As for tobacco, it’s always advisable to limit its consumption to nil because it’s a sign of a bad lifestyle and inevitably affects fertility.

Effects of caffeine

Caffeine is an alkaloid compound found in tea and coffee plants which stimulates the central nervous system. It’s an important component in chocolate, coffee, tea and soft drinks. Increased dose amounts of caffeine may affect fertility.

In women, caffeine may delay or prevent pregnancy and affect the health of the developing fetus, even miscarriages in extreme cases. Caffeine has also been known to alter hormonal levels in the body and cause elevated levels of follicular hormones like estrogen.

In men, caffeine side effects are relatively lesser than in women. In case of extreme consumption of caffeine, there is an increased possibility of less sperm motility and agility. Therefore, it may reduce chances of conception in the partner. A particular thesis says that excess caffeine can even alter sperm DNA but it hasn’t been scientifically proven.

Effects of tobacco

Tobacco is made from the nicotine-rich leaves of tobacco plant by curing with a process of fermentation and drying. It’s a harmful component present in cigarettes or chewing mounds. Not only does tobacco harm the respiratory system of the body and affect those around you, but also may lead to long-term fertility.

In women, smoking tobacco leads to reduced chances of implantation. Maternal smoking also leads to the degraded health of new-born, including low birth weight and birth defects. Smoking also leads to early menopause.

In men, smoking leads to damage of sperm DNA and may increase the risk of childhood pneumonia in his future child. It also causes dysfunction in erection.

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