September 11, 2018


The method of cervical mucus can facilitate predicting when the person is likely to ovulate by tracking the amendments in the vaginal discharge (cervical mucus) during the entire period of the menstruation. The cervix produces mucus or vaginal discharge that is produced by the hormones that are controlling one’s period cycle. During this period or menstruation, the color, amount, and texture of the vaginal discharge changes. According to the method, one is supposed to note down the results of the mucus details daily to prevent getting pregnant. This chart which is prepared helps in finding out when is the woman most likely to start ovulating and get pregnant. It can help the couple use birth control or condoms on the unsafe or fertile days, and on safe days, the couple can have unprotected sexual intercourse. This method is also known as Billings method and ovulation method.

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A good doctor’s opinion or a family planning counselor can be of great help to the couple since they cannot acquire any knowledge on their own. The temperature method must be accompanied by the method of cervical mucus and the 2-day method is a variation of the method as well. But one shouldn’t be too reliant on this method because at least one cycle period should be accounted for before using it as a birth control. There are three ways to use the cervical mucus method-

  • Keep a check on the texture and color of the discharge or mucus on the underwear.
  • Through your clean and hygienic fingers, check the texture and color of the mucus in the vagina.
  • Clean the vaginal opening before using the washroom with a clean toilet paper or tissue (preferably white). Then check the feel of the mucus.

The most suitable method to check the consistency of the vaginal discharge is to rub and check with the fingers and rub it. Every detail must be recorded on the chart daily. At the initial stage of the discharge, it is advised to forestall sexual intercourse for an entire menstruation period, or the couple may use condoms as well. The reason for this is that intercourse can actually produce mucus which is different each time, making it difficult or confusing when you begin the method.

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