Is Sedation Necessary for HSG Test?

May 11, 2018

An HSG or hysterosalpingogram test is used to take a look at your fallopian tubes and uterus using x-rays. The whole test usually does not last for more than 15 minutes and you can go home on the same day. This test is done after your periods and before the ovulation date.

Preparing for the Test

• Take a friend or a family member with you on the day of the test. Even though you will be okay, it is better to have someone.

• Carry a change of underwear and some sanitary napkins with you.

• Your doctor might ask you to take a few medications before beginning the test.

• Also, it is important to stop reading about it before the test. Some forums just have an exaggerated version of the whole thing. The best thing you can do is talk to a specialist or visit your nearest Apollo Fertility Clinic.


• Your specialist will take you to the x-ray room, where you will be asked to lie under the x-ray imager known as a fluoroscope.

• The specialist will then insert a speculum inside the vagina to keep it open.

• Then a thin, wand-like structure known as the cannula is inserted inside the cervix and it will fill the uterus with iodine liquid.

• Once the speculum is removed, the images of the uterus and the fallopian tube are taken with a fluoroscope x-ray. Once the images are complete, the cannula is also removed.

• Some women notice vaginal spotting post-HSG.

• Cramps, dizziness, and stomach ache are a few side-effects of the test.

Risks of HSG

Mostly, HSG is a safe test, but in very rare cases, one might experience allergic reactions to the test. Pelvic injury or injury infection is also a possibility. However, post-HSG if you notice any of the below symptoms, it is mandatory that you call your doctor immediately.

• Vaginal discharge with a very unpleasant odor

• Fainting

• Severe pain or cramps in your stomach

• Vomiting

• Heavy vaginal bleeding

• Fever

Is Sedation Necessary for HSG Test?

Some women have phobias of the speculum being entered or cannot tolerate the slightest pain. For those, conscious sedation might be given after getting an okay from the senior doctor. But previously, most women who have undergone this test have done it without sedation. Since the maximum time taken during this test is not more than 15 minutes and the pain is bearable, so, most doctors don’t say yes to anesthesia. They might prescribe a few antibiotics post-HSG and ask you to take complete bed rest on that day. However, that being said, today a few hospitals have started sedation before the HSG to avoid even the slightest pain and to make it comfortable for the patient. It is completely safe, so, you don’t have to worry. But, if you have any questions, talk to your doctor freely and clear all your doubts before the test.

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