July 25, 2018

While it is women that carry and deliver children, men have an active role to play in facilitating pregnancies. For fertilisation to occur successfully, it is important that the male sperm is strong and healthy. Male fertility is affected by a host of factors, ranging from genetics and lifestyle habits to hormones and environmental exposure. While some factors cannot be manipulated, certain measures, like the ones mentioned below, can help bring up fertility levels in most men.


Keep Your Weight in Check

Studies have shown that being overweight or obese can affect sperm quality as well as sperm count, in addition to damaging their genetic makeup (DNA) and hampering their ability to swim. Increased body fat is linked to changes in testosterone levels, and thus a healthy body weight is recommended to make it easier to father a child.


Take Daily Multivitamins

There are negligible risks and substantial benefits to taking vitamin supplements, since they are rich in antioxidants like vitamins C & E, zinc, and selenium. These supplements have been known to bring about slight improvements in sperm count and movements, and additionally protect the sperm from free radical substances that can damage their DNA.


Steer Clear of Heat

Searing hot temperatures found in places like saunas, steam rooms or hot tubs can interfere with the scrotal temperature, which in turn reduces sperm count and quality in terms of strength. While this impact is temporary and the sperm count and other parameters can return to normal in a few days, it is recommended that man avoid such places, when trying to have a baby with their partners.


Beware of Environmental Hazards

Exposure to certain substances can have adverse effects on the reproductive health of men. Some of these include toxic chemicals used in industries like printing or dry cleaning, agricultural pesticides, heavy metals etc. When trying to conceive, men should ideally stay away from such environments and avoid potential threats to their fertility levels.


Monitor What Goes Into Your Body

When trying to conceive, substances like alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided by men, too. They are known to decrease sperm count and quality, and also sometimes lead to abnormalities in the structure of the sperm. Certain steroids used in bodybuilding should also be stopped for the time period that you are trying to conceive, as they too, have counterproductive effects on fertility.

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