Infertility Depression & its Causes

May 9, 2018

Infertility is the inability to conceive or have a baby. As per the research, around 15% of the couples face the problem of infertility. Sometimes treatment of the same is possible and other times it may not be possible. And when the treatment is not possible or even when the cause of infertility remains unexplainable, it leads to depression and a lot of stress in couples. Infertility is both emotionally and physically exhausting. Depression is common during and after pregnancy as well. And also, it has been found that depression leads to infertility. So it is kind of a cycle. Depression may lead to infertility and infertility may cause depression.

Causes of Depression:

•  Sadness lasting for weeks or months.

•  You may feel helpless and hopeless.

•  Frequent crying.

•  Constant Irritation

•  No motivation

•  Difficulty in sleeping or excessive sleep.

•  Overeating or not eating at all

•  Suicidal thoughts.

What Causes Infertility-Related Depression?

Infertility is a stressful condition to deal with and can impact one’s life greatly. Infertility often brings along a sense of guilt or shame. This makes it difficult for the person to open up to the family or friends. Make sure you visit your doctor if you are facing any feelings of sadness or any of the signs of depression.

Can Depression Cause Infertility?

It cannot be surely determined if depression causes infertility. But studies have found that it does have some role to play in infertility. Depressed females have been found to be less fertile than the ones who have not been affected by depression. Also, depression may lead to negative lifestyle habits that can impact the fertility. For eg, people who are depressed are more vulnerable to smoke or alcohol, which can affect fertility.

Some couples hesitate to get treatment for depression. But it is important to note that ignorance is not good for depression. Also, depression may be caused due to infertility, but it can lead to various other health problems. Depression can be treated with talk therapy or support groups. Some people undergoing depression might need medication or anti-depressants. No matter which method of treatment is used, but signs of depression should never be ignored. And should be paid attention as soon as possible.


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