Pregnancy Health Precaution: Things That You Should Avoid

April 11, 2017

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Trying to conceive, but see no results? You should run a quick check of your daily routine. Believe it or not, lifestyle habits are also included in the list of factors affecting fertility.

It is necessary that both partners reflect upon their daily routine. The hindrance towards pregnancy might be coming from either or both their habits. Here are some of the lifestyle habits that cause infertility.

Weight management

The weight factor plays an important role in maintaining your fertility and you need to keep it in check.

Talking about women, being overweight or underweight – both can buy you problems. When you are overweight, your body produces extra insulin which can further lead to you producing too many male hormones thereby preventing your ovaries from releasing eggs each month.

On the contrary, if you are underweight there is a strong possibility that you will not have a menstrual cycle as your body has stopped producing eggs. Only by gaining the appropriate amount of weight can your fertility return to normal.

Same goes with men. Being overweight leads to slower sperm and lower concentration of sperm. On the other hand, being underweight can lead to low sperm count.

Excessive exercise is not good

Exercise is definitely a healthy lifestyle habit, but too much of it can affect fertility. Too much of exercise leads to low sperm count in men and negatively affects a woman’s ovulation ability. The menstrual cycle can cease as the egg can’t implant itself properly in the uterus wall.

Stay away from alcohol & smoking

Addictive smoking or high level of alcohol consumption can cause ovulation problems in women and low sperm count in men. To increase the chances of pregnancy, this is one lifestyle habit that definitely needs to be cut down on. Also, smoking and drinking are dangerous around infants and children.

Making these small little changes in your daily lifestyle, definitely is worth it for your little one, can give you happiness that knows no bounds.

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