Criteria for becoming a Sperm Donor

March 16, 2018

The stigma around sperm donation is increasingly being lifted as more and more men are volunteering to donate their sperms.

At Apollo Fertility, we follow a developed, stringent process for sperm donation that not only keeps the donors identity private, but also ensures the privacy and comfort of the donor during as well as post the period in which he makes the donation.

At Apollo Fertility, we have the following criteria to be adhered to if you wish to become a Sperm Donor :

The donor should be between the age of 21 and 42 years

The donor must be free of any medical disability

The donor must possess a family history that is free of genetic and inherited disorders.

The donor must not have a history of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

The donor must be in good physical as well as mental state.

In order to ensure high standards of quality, we at Apollo Fertility follow a strict screening and testing procedure of potential donors.

Step 1: Before the procedure

Our doctors at Apollo Fertility will perform a preliminary testing of the potential donor in order to look for any Sexually Transmitted or genetic diseases.

Step 2 : Once the doctor clears you as a person fit for donation, you are then called to the clinic to make a preliminary donation. For this purpose, Apollo Fertility provides the donor with a private and comfortable room wherein the donor makes a sperm deposit by stimulating ejaculating through masturbation.

Step 3 : The donation is then tested for the presence of any infections or diseases as well as to obtain a sperm count in the sample.

Step 4 : Once the applicant is cleared of possessing any diseases and/or infections and the sperm count in the sample is deemed fit for acceptance, the donor is then called to deposit another sperm sample.

This sample is frozen and stored for 6 months, post which the donor is then retested in order to check if any infections developed during this 6 months period of quarantine.

Once a potential donor clears the aforementioned process, he is then cleared to become a verified sperm donor with Apollo Fertility.

A contract is drawn up between the donor and Apollo Fertility for a period of six months to a year (decided upon by mutual consent). During this period, the donor agrees to visit Apollo Fertility once a week in order to make deposits.

Monthly payments are made for the acceptable samples deposited during the course of a particular month.

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