How Much Time Does It Take for Sperm Formation?

May 2, 2018

Sperm is the male reproductive cell which fuses with and fertilizes the female reproductive cell to create a new life. The production of sperms in male is characterised by a number of factors such as age, food habits, lifestyle, etc. The fluctuation in any of these factors can result in infertility. However, unlike women, the production of sperm in a man, never stops, as he is capable of reproducing far more time than an average female. Over the course of a day, an average male produces millions of sperms but these sperms take about three months to mature. Spermatozoa, in its initial stage is incapable of motility or any movement through the female body. By adapting certain changes in their lifestyle, male can increase their fertility up to a considerable extent.

The Process of Sperm Production Is Called Spermatogenesis.

An ideal cycle of spermatogenesis takes about 64 days. It is the cycle of sperm regeneration in which both the production and maturation of the sperms take place. Simply put, these sperms are fit to travel through the female body to fertilize the egg cells or ovum, provided that the male has no fertility issues. Ideally, a man makes 1500 sperms in a single second. During an ejaculate of an ml of semen, approximately two hundred million sperms are released. Do not panic since your testicles have got adequate amount of sperm stored up for a healthy conception.

What Are the Steps Involved in Sperm Regeneration?

Three steps are involved in the cycle of sperm regeneration. The process of sperm regeneration spans over 64 days.

1. The first step involves the division of sperm diploid cells to haploid spermatids. They are the carrier of genetic material.

2. In the second step of the cycle, the maturation takes place. In the testicle, the spermatids mature into spermatozoa. The sperm gains its basic structure, its head carrying the genetic material, and its tail facilitating its movement inside the body of the female.

3. In the third and final step, the sperm moves into the epididymis. The epididymis is a tube which extends from the testicle. This is where the sperm is stored until it is released in the seminal fluid as ejaculate. It is also where the sperm gains its motility, or its ability to travel inside the female won.

How to Have a Healthy Sperm?

• Male fertility mainly depends on the quality of the sperm and its quantity in the ejaculate. Apart from that shape and motility of your sperm also matters. Having a healthy sperm can increase your chances of fertilising an egg. Here are some things you can do for a better sperm health.

• Reduce the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol might lower the production of testosterone which can affect fertility.

• Wear loose fitting clothes. The testicular temperature should be cooler than that of your body.

• Exercise and stay fit.

• Reduce smoking. Research says that nicotine can affect the fertility in men.

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