Fallopian Tube Obstruction: All You Need to Know About This Problem

Fallopian Tube Obstruction, also known as fallopian tube occlusion, is a major cause of female infertility. Blockage in the fallopian tubes doesn’t let the sperm and ovum meet, making fertilization impossible.

Common Symptoms of Fallopian Tube Obstruction

  • A blocked fallopian tube can cause symptoms such as intermittent pelvic and abdominal pain in some women.
  • Obstruction of the fallopian tubes can block the fertilized egg periodically, causing an ectopic pregnancy. These pregnancies may cause pain and bleeding and can be detected during a scan.
  • Women also experience signs of pregnancy like spotting and abdominal pain on one side of the body. 

If you notice any of these symptoms, report them immediately. You can schedule an appointment at a fertility clinic in Varthur.

Major Causes of Fallopian Tube Obstruction

Fertilization is not possible when the sperm and ovum cannot converge due to blockage in the fallopian tubes. Listed below are the major causes of fallopian tube obstruction:

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease- This can lead to scarring, which affects the fallopian tube. 
  • Endometriosis: Endometrial tissues can accumulate in the fallopian tubes and cause obstruction. 
  • Sexually transmitted diseases: Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia can lead to scarring. 
  • Fibroids: These non-cancerous growths can affect uterine cavity lining and blood flow to the uterine cavity. This, in turn, decreases the ability of an embryo to stick to the uterine wall and develop.
  • Past abdominal surgeries: Any past surgeries, especially on the fallopian tubes, can cause pelvic adhesions, leading to blockage of the uterus. 

When to See a Doctor?

Blockages in the fallopian tubes are a common cause of infertility. As the egg and the sperm meet in the fallopian tubes for the process of fertilization, a blockage in the tube can prevent them from joining. If both fallopian tubes are completely blocked, pregnancy is not possible without treatment.

In such situations, there are higher chances of ectopic pregnancies. It becomes more difficult for the fertilized egg to pass through the blockages and travel to the uterus. Hence, your doctor may recommend in vitro fertilization (IVF). You can reach out to a fertility center in Varthur for the best guidance.

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How Is Fallopian Tube Obstruction Diagnosed?

The diagnostic tests that your doctor may suggest include:

  • An X-ray technique called hysterosalpingography (HSG) to look inside the fallopian tubes to identify blockages. 
  • An ultrasound examination is called a sonohysterogram, which is very similar to the HSG test but uses sound waves to create an image of the fallopian tubes.

Treatment Options Available for Fallopian Tube Obstruction

After the tests and diagnosis are done, your doctor will guide you through the possible treatment for your condition. You can easily book an appointment at an IVF clinic at Varthur for diagnosis and treatment. The possible treatment options include:

  • Laparoscopic surgery: This is done to clear any adhesions or scar tissue that is obstructing your fallopian tubes. A surgeon makes a small incision in the body through which a small camera is inserted for taking pictures of the inside of the fallopian tubes.
  • In-vitro-fertilization (IVF):  helps with fertility and prevents genetic problems. In this procedure, mature eggs are collected from the ovaries and fertilized with sperm in a lab.
  • Tubal ligation reversal: This refers to getting the tubes tied. It is also a permanent form of birth control. 
  • Surgeries: They are performed to repair tubes that are damaged by infection or pregnancy. 

It is possible to get pregnant after getting treated for obstructed fallopian tubes. This possibility depends on the method of treatment and the severity of the blockages. However, a successful pregnancy can occur if the blockage is near the uterus. The success rate is lower if the blockage is at the end of the fallopian tube, near the ovaries. Book an appointment at a fertility hospital in Varthur for further queries.

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Though blocked fallopian tubes cause infertility, pregnancy is still possible. For instance, laparoscopic surgery can clear the obstruction and increase fertility. If surgery is not an option, IVF can help you get pregnant if you are otherwise healthy. To know your options, consult a doctor. They will guide you and bring you the joy of parenthood.

1. What is the most common cause of fallopian tube obstruction?

The most common cause of blockage of the fallopian tube is a pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Moreover, a history of pelvic infections results in an increased risk of fallopian tube blockage.

2. Can a woman ovulate if there is a blockage in her fallopian tubes?

Blockage of just one fallopian tube won't affect fertility. The egg can travel via the unaffected side.

3. What problems can obstructing fallopian tubes cause?

Blocked or damaged tubes reduce the chances of a woman getting pregnant by causing interference in the movement of sperm toward the egg.

4. How can a blocked fallopian tube be opened?

To remove the blockages of fallopian tubes your doctor might perform laparoscopic surgery.

5. How Is Fallopian Tube Obstruction Diagnosed?

Your doctor performs X-rays and ultrasound examinations to diagnose the fallopian tube obstruction.

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