What is IVF treatment?: Procedure, Benefits & Risks

There are numerous reasons why a couple is unable to conceive after trying for a longer period. This procedure is very helpful in cases where the natural fertilization of the egg doesn't occur inside the uterus. 

In such a situation, doctors might recommend In Vitro Fertilization or IVF. It's one of the most popular forms of ARTs (Assisted Reproductive Techniques). Under this procedure, the female egg is retrieved from the ovaries & is fertilized with the sperm outside the body manually. After successful fertilization, the egg becomes an embryo. This embryo is then placed inside the uterus, where it grows & the patient becomes pregnant.  

Who qualifies for IVF treatment?

Couples in advanced age who struggle with infertility, same-sex couples wishing to have a baby, or couples who have tried other fertility methods without success qualify for this procedure. IVF can also be a good choice for couples dealing with different health conditions.

Why is the procedure conducted?

IVF is conducted if you struggle to conceive due to a genetic disorder or infertility. IVF can be helpful for women above 40 who are not able to get pregnant naturally. In addition, if you or your partner are dealing with the following conditions, IVF improves your chances of becoming a parent:

Ovulation disorders: If there is a problem with the number or quality of the eggs available for fertilization, IVF can be very helpful. 

·       Endometriosis: Endometriosis affects the normal function of the ovaries, uterus & fallopian tubes. It's a condition when tissues like the one in the uterus lining grow outside the uterus.

·       Blocked or damaged Fallopian tube: If your Fallopian tube is damaged or blocked, your egg will not reach the uterus, causing infertility.

·       Unexplained infertility:  When your doctors cannot determine the exact cause of your infertility, they often recommend IVF treatment to help you conceive.

·       Birth control surgery: If your Fallopian tubes have been cut or blocked to prevent pregnancy previously, but now you want to conceive, IVF can act as an alternative to the tubal ligation reversal procedure.

·       Inappropriate Sperm production or functioning: If your sperm production is below average or the sperm health is poor, it can impact the fertilization process. IVF has proven to be of great help in such conditions.

·       Uterine fibroids: These are non-cancerous tumours occurring inside the uterus. IVF can be helpful if Fibroids are interfering e with the natural implantation of the fertilized egg.

IVF is a complex process. But, generally, the doctors recommend it as a last option when all the other treatment options have failed. 

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Benefits of a surgery/procedure 

IVF is one of the most common ART procedures adopted by doctors for treating infertility. Some of the primary benefits of IVF are:

·       IVF is extremely efficient & improves your chances for pregnancy exponentially

·       You have complete control over when you want to conceive a baby

·       It's helpful for those who are planning for a surrogacy

·       If the sperms/eggs of any partner are not healthy, donated sperms or eggs can be used

·       Improves your chances of having a healthy baby with the help of PGT (Preimplantation Genetic Testing)

·      There are fewer chances of miscarriage after IVF as compared to the natural pregnancy

Risks or Complications

Just like all treatments & procedures, IVF has some inherent risks & complications. It's important to discuss them with your doctor before making any decision.

Some common risks involved are:

·       Premature Birth

·       Multiple Birth

·       Ectopic Pregnancy

·       Risks of infection or bleeding during the egg retrieval process

·       Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome

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1. Are there any risks of having a baby through IVF?

Like all procedures, IVF carries some risks like premature birth & risk of infection. Although the chances are very low, discussing them with your doctor is important.

2. When is IVF needed?

IVF is chosen when there is a need to fertilize the egg outside the body in the laboratory.

3. Is the egg retrieval procedure painful?

Egg retrieval is a complex process, but our doctors take proper care & utilize the most advanced tools to ensure the patients feel minimum discomfort.

4. Is it possible to get pregnant naturally after conceiving a baby with IVF?

Yes, it is possible. IVF does not affect any of your reproductive organs or process. So you can surely become pregnant naturally.

5. How soon can you know that you are pregnant after the embryo transfer?

It will take between 9 to 14 days to know whether you are pregnant after the embryo transplant.

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