Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine Insemination is a less invasive fertility treatment adopted by couples who wish to conceive a baby. Under this procedure, the sperm is collected, concentrated & directly inserted into the uterus when the woman is most fertile (during ovulation).

This process drastically improves the chances of pregnancy as the healthy sperm is placed extremely close to the fallopian tube. This reduces the time & effort needed by sperm to reach the egg.

Who qualifies for a surgery/procedure?

A lot of patients consider IUI over other more invasive ART procedures. IUI can be of great help for :

·       Couples who are dealing with Unexplained Infertility

·       Couples who are dealing with infertility due to some underlying health condition

·       Single women wishing to get pregnant with a donor’s sperm

·       Same-sex couples wishing to get pregnant with donor sperm. 

IUI is often selected as a cost-effective alternative to IVF treatment.

Why is the procedure conducted?

IUI procedure is conducted to assist women who can't conceive naturally. In addition, the IUI procedure is conducted to reduce the distance a sperm travels to reach the uterus & improve the chances of pregnancy.

It’s helpful in the following conditions:

a.     Low or unhealthy sperm count: IUI selects only the best quality sperm to be inserted in the uterus. It's very helpful in cases where the male partner has a lower sperm count or his sperm is weak and unhealthy.

b.     Using the donor's sperm: If the couple uses the donor's sperm for the pregnancy. For example, couples opt for the donor's sperm if the quality of the partner's sperm is low or the sperm is unhealthy.

c.     Cervical Mucus problem: Sperm travels to the Fallopian tube from the vagina through the uterus. Cervical mucus, produced by the cervix, helps offer sperm the medium for travelling. But if the quality of cervical mucus is not good, the sperm cannot reach the uterus. IUI can eliminate this problem as it places sperm directly into the uterus.

d.     Erectile Dysfunction or problem with Ejaculation: If a male suffers from erectile dysfunction or cannot ejaculate during intercourse, there is no chance of pregnancy. In such conditions, IUI can help fertilize the egg by inserting sperm into the uterus.

Benefits of an IUI procedure 

Many patients & doctors prefer IUI over other non-invasive & minimally invasive procedures. Here are the primary benefits of the IUI procedure:

·       It’s less invasive & more cost-effective as compared to IVF

·       IUI exponentially improves the chance of pregnancy as compared to the sexual intercourse

·       The procedure is quick & you can return to your home within 30 minutes of the procedure

·       Doctors enhance the sperm quality with the washing procedure

·       It puts less stress on your body as compared to other procedures like ICSI & IVF

·       This process is almost painless & hence there is no need for any type of anaesthesia

Risks or Complications

IUI procedure is considered one of the least invasive & least complicated ART procedures. The risks & complications are quite rare. But it’s important to know about them:

Some risk associated with IUI includes:

· OHSS: Doctors recommend taking fertility medications before the procedure to improve the chance of pregnancy. But too much usage can lead to OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome)

· Multiple Births: Although IUI does not cause multiple births directly, ovulation-inducing medicines can cause the release of more than one egg. This can result in multiple births.

· Infection: Although very rare, infection is possible without proper care.

· Spotting: As a catheter is placed inside the uterus, it can lead to minor bleeding. It's not serious, you must know about it.

Thousands of couples undergo IUI procedures every year across the globe to realize their dream of parenthood. At Apollo Hospitals, Guwahati, we are well-equipped to perform this treatment & help you become parents.

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1. Is IUI painful?

If done right, IUI is not painful & you will not even need any type of anaesthesia during the treatment.

2. Are there any side effects of IUI?

Although IUI is the least complex procedure, some patients might experience mild side effects like cramps & spotting.

3. How quickly can the IUI procedure be done?

The IUI procedure takes around 4 weeks. This includes various tests, oral medications for fertility, & collection and washing of sperms. The insertion itself can be completed within 20-25 minutes. Then, in another 30 minutes, you can go home. So overall, the whole process takes around an hour.

4. Are there any tests to be conducted before IUI?

Depending on your condition, the doctors might recommend tests like Semen analysis, Blood tests, Urine tests & screening for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs).

5. What is the success ratio of IUI treatment?

The success ratio of IUI treatment is around 20%, which is a typical ratio for couples under age 20.

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