Endocrine Assessment – Hormonal Test


The endocrine system consists of various glands present in different parts of the body, which perform specific functions. These functions are controlling of other organs' activity which is performed through the secretion of various specific hormones developing in those specific glands.

Hormones are chemicals that carry messages to the organs and tell the body what to do and when to do it. 

The endocrine system performs a balancing act by continuously assessing the hormone level in the blood. When the hormone level increases, it instructs the particular gland to stop producing and release of the hormone and if it decreases then it instructs the particular gland to produce and release the hormones to maintain the balance.

Endocrine Assessment is an exam conducted for the purpose to determine – 

  • Level of all the hormones in your body
  • To check that glands are working properly
  • To point out the root cause of the problem in the system
  • To early detect the problem for better and timely treatment

Risks factor associated with Endocrine Assessment

There is no risk associated with the assessment. The results of these tests will demonstrate the risk factor for the particular organ or its function.

Preparation for Endocrine Assessment

The preparation for the test involved in assessment is common and there is no need for special effort. Except there are a few tests where you have to undergo the test with an empty stomach. Other common preparation activities are –

  • You should intake calorie and caffeine-free drinks before the test
  • You should not smoke before the test
  • You should not eat or drink in the morning before the test which requires fasting
  • You need to be physically awake and active before the test.

These tests are done through majorly blood tests and urine tests. These tests are conducted to check –

  • The follicle-stimulating hormone makes the follicles.
  • The luteinizing hormone, that makes and releases eggs.
  • Oestradiol is an indicator of a healthy follicle
  • Progesterone which facilitates implantation 
  • Prolactin whose high level is an indication of a problem in the thyroid or brain. Its increased level also impacts ovulation.
  • Anti-Mullerian Hormone to evaluate ovarian reserve.
  • Testosterone is a vital component in making sperm and forming the sexual character of a person.

What is expected from Endocrine Assessment?

The expectation from such an assessment depends on the type of test you have taken. You usually don't feel any discomfort from the conduction of the test. These tests mainly comprise blood tests, urine tests and sometimes imaging. All these have no side effects on your body.

Possible Result of Endocrine Assessment

The outcome of the result will be whether you are healthy or you have any specific problem. If the result is later, then you may have the following problems –

  • High or low sugar level
  • Hormone growth problem
  • A problem in adrenal glands
  • Increase or decrease in thyroid hormones
  • A problem in the pituitary gland
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Low or high testosterone level

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The hormones are the guiding forces in our body. They are crucial for the growth, development and proper functioning of the body. The proper and timely assessment of these hormones is important to avoid any health-related issues.

1. Define the work of the Gonadotrophin releasing hormone.

It is responsible for the release or stoppage of hormones in pituitary glands.

2. Where the melatonin is formed and what is its function?

Melatonin is formed in the pineal gland and it regulates sleeping time.

3. Which gland is associated with blood sugar-related disease in the body?

The pancreas is the gland responsible for blood sugar because it forms insulin which regulates blood sugar.

4. Where estrogen is made?

They are developed in the ovary gland.

5. Does blood test identify hormone imbalance?

Yes, blood test identifies and determines the level of different hormones in the body.

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