MICRO TESE / Sperm Retrieval – Advanced surgical extraction of sperm


When the problem is related to azoospermia; which means the male is unable to produce sperm through a normal ejaculation process and in that the root cause is non-obstructive; which means the cause is improper functioning of the organ, then such a surgical process is required.

MICRO TESE is the most advanced surgical process in the field of reproductive medicine and treatment. In this, sperms are directly obtained from tissues of your testicles and particularly from seminiferous tubules. 

Who qualifies for MICRO TESE / Sperm Retrieval?

This process is recommended to you if the following problem –

  • If you have enough quantity of testosterone available in your blood and other tests results suggest that your testicles are not making sperm in the required quantity.  
  • If you had received treatment and your testosterone hormone level is normal, but you are unable to produce sperm or not in the required quantity. 

Why is it conducted?

This surgical process is conducted to achieve the following main objective –

  • To obtain sperm from your testicles which are best in quality
  • To obtain sperm from your testicles which are in enough quantity for the easy performance of assisted reproductive techniques like IVF.
  • To obtain sperm from your testicles with limited or no harm to your reproductive organs.
  • To solve your infertility problem and to allow you to have your biological child.

What are the benefits associated with MICRO TESE / Sperm Retrieval?

Following are the positive takes of the Microsurgical Testicular Epididymal Sperm Extraction (MICRO TESE) -

  • It is a complex surgical process but has a high success rate.
  • This process has a high sperm-obtaining rate.
  •  This process can obtain sperm from pockets which is impossible for another mode of surgery to achieve.
  • Despite being invasive with multiple cuts but its stitches dissolve over time and do not leave any scars.
  • There is minimal risk and complications involved in the post or during the procedure.
  • There is minimal change in the functioning of the testicles despite being such a huge process.
  • There is limited or close to zero damage to testicles.
  • This process is a ray of hope in most acute cases of male infertility.

Risks and Complication associated with MICRO TESE / Sperm Retrieval

The following risks and complications are related to the MICRO TESE mentioned below –

  • Occurrence of blood clotting due to damage to blood vessels
  • Occurrence of infection in skin or testicles
  • There are chances of not obtaining any sperm.
  • There are chances of transfer of genetic disorder to offspring by utilizing sperm from this process in ART.
  • There is a rare chance of testicle injury or harm or damage.


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This process is very complex but has a high success rate and is also a hope for those patients who are suffering from severe infertility situations, the recovery from which is close to impossible.

1. What is the sperm-obtaining rate of this process?

The sperm-obtaining rate through this process is 40% to 60%.

2. What happens to the obtained sperm?

The obtained sperm are preserved and later used in IVF or ICSI.

3. What is the duration of the process?

It is a lengthy process where the expert searches for sperm for as long as 14 hours a day.

4. When can this process be repeated?

This process can be repeated in an interval of six to twelve months.

5. What is the recovery duration from the such process?

The recovery duration from the such process is one to two weeks.

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